Comunità di Venezia S.C.S. is a social-services cooperative that operates in the province of Venice** helping people recover from addictions through both therapy facilities dedicated to assistance, rehabilitation and social reintegration of drug or alcohol addicts, and through research and training activities.

Comunità di Venezia takes in patients in two therapy communities: “Villa Renata”, on Venice’s Lido island, which offers specialized/intensive residential services for the rehabilitation therapy of those with addictions, hosting young people of both sexes, with particular attention for patients aged 18 to 24 years;

the therapy community “Casa Aurora”, with facilities in Venice and on the mainland in the city of Mestre, which provides specialized residential services for the rehabilitation therapy of drug-addicted mothers with children, with particular attention to the mother-child relationship and the relationship between the parents of children.

The Cooperative also has some facilities for the socio-occupational reintegration of its guests, which takes place in some protected apartments in Venice, in which the experience of living together in small groups continues, with daily support by educators. During this phase, clinical and therapy facilities also remain active.