Broadly, training occurs not only in “institutional” learning contexts but whenever a project is implemented – in collaboration with other bodies and organizations – that allows those involved to get to know other realities, learn from existing good practices, and to grow professionally by exchanging experiences. We do this constantly through projects and study visits that are similar to ours and in collaboration with other important networks and federations at European level. In the navigation menu you can have an idea of the projects started in recent years and the results achieved.

Progetto Servizio Civile Nazionale


The Villa Renata community for young adults, and the Casa Aurora community for mothers with children, work by offering a residential experience to patients and setting up therapy devices aimed at freeing them from addiction through clinical and educational methods that guarantee the achievement of results.

To achieve these goals, the two communities share projects of common interest to consolidate their strengths and improve on any weaknesses.

One of these is the Project for developing the 2017-2018 National Civilian Service, prepared with the precious collaboration of Consorzio Veneto Insieme: “Parole da colorare“.

servizio-civile-sito 1

The project of national civilian service called “Parole da colorare” (words to colour) is designed to accompany those in the residential rehabilitation programmes of the Comunità di Venezia (the therapy communities of Villa Renata and Casa Aurora) towards freedom from drug addiction and the recognition, enhancement and strengthening of socio-relational skills and a satisfactory social integration.

Parole da colorare was approved by the Department of Youth and of the National Civilian Service, and started in June 2017. Four volunteers (2 per facility) were selected to contribute to the implementation of the project. The project is for young people aged between 18 and 29 seeking of a volunteer experience in the social world. For these young people, the project is a significant and highly interesting training and personal enrichment experience. For more information, visit the Department’s website and download the Project information sheet: SCHEMA-parole_da_colorare

To register for an informative meeting on the civilian service, the projects, venues, and the process of becoming a young civilian service volunteer, visit the website of the Consorzio Veneto Insieme at this LINK.


The Euro-TC Federation, the European Network of Therapeutic Community for the Rehabilitation of Drug Addiction, to which the Comunità di Venezia/Villa Renata has been a member for more than 20 years and which from 1998 to 2009 it presided over a programme of annual International Seminars of training and exchange of experiences and good practices for addiction Professionals, to assess and update on the state of the art and theoretical-methodological knowledge in the sector.

collage seminario 2011

Comunità di Venezia has always actively contributed to organizing and implementing these international seminars, also participating with its own professionals invited as Speakers/Trainers. Among these over the years have been:

2013 – Euro-TC Conference and Seminar “30 Years Children’s House Tannenhof”, Berlin, 6-7 September 2013

2012 – Euro-TC Berlin Seminar 2012 “Treatment of Addicted Families and Trauma Therapy”, Berlin 29-30 November 2012

2011 – Euro-TC Seminar “Children of addicted parents: providing a chance for life”. Venice, 24-25 November 2011


IREFREA (European Institute of Studies on Prevention) is a network of research institutes, with offices in 6 different European regions. Since its establishment, Irefrea has been coordinating research – a work of great cultural and scientific impact, in close collaboration with important Universities of several European countries (University of Liverpool (United Kingdom), University of Coimbra (Portugal), University of Padua (Italy) and others. The latest ones, in chronological order, with a considerable impact on the national and local media of 7 different European countries, are those called: “Recreational culture as a tool to prevent risk behaviour” and “T.R.A.V.E.L.S.” (Tourism, Recreation And Violence: a European Level Study).


In the context of 9 participating European countries, these researches aimed to carry out two surveys on young people’s nightlife with the aim of understanding their various issues (consumption of alcohol and drugs, the use of violence, risky sexual behaviour, drink-driving, etc.). This experience gave rise to a reading that brings together the critical issues and resources of nightlife entertainment and entertainment in the 9 European cities (including Venice). The general goal of the project was to put together a plan for the prevention of risky behaviours among young people in nightlife environments, creating the tools to analyse and evaluate such risky behaviours and night entertainment environments, considering their mutual influence. Visit the site


The “Novaurora” cooperative, supports situations of youth distress and adolescents who are fragile

in situations of psychosocial risk, collaborates actively with Villa Renata since its establishment.


Novaurora proposes itself as a promoter

of the gender culture to support the rights and opportunities of women’s identity and children’s rights through initiatives of prevention, therapy and rehabilitation for women in situations of distress, mothers in difficulty, and minors. Novaurora actively collaborates in planning and rolling out additional initiatives that support and improve daily operations in therapy facilities and during the post-admission period. See the project  mammeXmamme” implemented in 2012-2013.