In its 30-year history, the cooperative Comunità di Venezia S.C.S has created close partnerships and collaborations with many partners that can be divided into at least 4 categories: public and private institutions, universities and research institutes, federations and networks at European or international levels, cultural and voluntary associations, consortia and cooperatives. In the browsing menu on the right, you can see more about the current partnerships and the forms of collaboration that support the cooperative in its day-to-day work, as well as in the broader range of projects.



Comunità di Venezia actively cooperates with institutional bodies at national, regional and local levels, promptly meeting the information-provision needs of the Ministry, Veneto Region and Prefecture which collect data annually and six monthly from public and private services operating in the field of addiction. The statistics are used for drafting annual reports on the state of addiction in Italy and the Veneto region. The Comunità di Venezia also collaborates with the department of substance dependencies of ULSS 3 Serenissima (local health authority), with which it has an agreement, for defining area plans and projects for the territory. Last but not least, it collaborates with some IPABs (Istituto Pubblico di Assistenza e Beneficenza – public assistance and benefit institute) in managing facilities, flats and services for both the local community and vulnerable people.


EU-Open Consulting is a company for training and implementing economic development programmes, national and community programmes and negotiated-planning tools, in the areas of technical-administrative assistance, monitoring, evaluation, reporting, and financial management and control systems.


As part of the training, EU-Open provides basic training modules and intensive modules tailored to managers and executives. The training provided aims at understanding the resources of the European Union in the field of scientific and technological research. The training is carried out in the context of a completely dynamic knowledge-management strategy capable of recognizing, building, strengthening and developing the skills acquired by customers to guide them in reaching their goals and success.

image3Eu-Open also provides project development, management and evaluation services for community and international projects in general, as well as strategic planning and development services for companies and research partners from extra-Eu countries. Eu-open is aimed at non-profit organisations, public and private companies, research organizations and associations and federations in Italy and European level. Learn more: EU-Open


The Comunità di Venezia is supported in its work by a number of voluntary, sports, and cultural associations – some of which have directly contributed to its creation – that collaborate in some important ordinary and project activities on a weekly and monthly basis. The associations with which it collaborates most actively are listed in the right-hand menu. Click on the name to see the description and address of the website.


Exit logo Def

The Cultural Association EXIT proposes social animation activities in the Venetian area, meetings and discussions on specific problems found in the territory, and the establishment of a network of solidarity and collaboration between those interested and willing to contribute to the initiatives promoted by the communities of “Villa Renata”, “Casa Aurora” and “Villa Emma” and by the social cooperatives of “Comunità di Venezia” and “Novaurora”. To learn more, visit the Exit website: Exit


EquiliberoThe social promotion association Equilibero was founded in 2008 in Padua. It designs and organises courses for minors, people with disabilities or in situations of social hardship through mountain excursions and various disciplines (trekking, sport climbing, Nordic walking, kayaking, and canyoning). Equilibero collaborates actively with the Comunità di Venezia and Novaurora for the construction and implementation of educational and recreational projects offered to the guests of the communities. An eloquent and highly appreciated example by all participants (operators and users) is the Avventura (adventure)Project, of which a summary can be seen in the Laboratori e Progetti (workshops and projects) section of the Casa Aurora therapy community. To find out more, visit the association’s website:

Terra e Mare

Polisportiva Terra e Mare

The Sporting Association “Terra e Mare” (land and sea) promotes and develops amateur sports in close contact with the local area. It organizes football, tennis and volleyball tournaments and sailing regattas, as well as traditional Venetian rowing events.


Comunità di Venezia s.c.s. is a member of the EUROVENEZIA Consortium, which was founded in Venice in 1999 with the aim of bringing together cooperatives already present in the territory to collaborate strategically and competitively on the market, guaranteeing a system of initiatives and services aimed at different sectors, and leading towards building a network of subjects and organizations, works and services that support individuals, meeting their needs and developing their potential.

Il Consorzio EVOther coordinating bodies revolve around the Comunità di Venezia s.c.s. along with the cooperatives of the Consortium such as the Coordinamento Veneto delle Strutture Terapeutiche (‘Veneto coordination of therapy facilities’ (Co.Ve.S.T.), which Villa Renata helped to create in the 80’s and which it presided over for ten years, and other social cooperatives that collaborate in running training placements either for job placements or in other projects of training or social development. One of these is Il Cerchio Onlus, which assists in helping disadvantaged people find employment.

NonSoloVerde scs

The NonSoloVerde social cooperative is a B-type cooperative founded in 1993 to promote the social and working integration of patients in the Villa Renata community about to conclude the community therapy journey. NonSoloVerde works mainly in the care and maintenance of public and private greenery, it owns a carpentry workshop, and carries out some services of guardian and civil cleaning. It also has the European ETW Certification for arboriculture.


 Since 2017 NonSoloVerde has been merged with the social cooperative “A.R.SE.NA.   (Allestimenti Riparazioni SErvizi NAutici), and now also designs, builds, supplies and makes fittings for boats. It also engages in boat storage, repair and maintenance, in small maritime works such as the supply and installation of foundation posts, the construction and installation of moorings and stable/floating docks, mooring and berths, and the disposal of wood.

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Among its customers, NonSoloVerde-A.R.SE.NA. has the Municipality of Venice, for which it has built floating moorings on the Grand Canal and Ca’ Farsetti (the City Hall), and Insula, the operative arm of the Municipality of Venice, for which it has been involved in the installing mooring poles and building of walkways and piers.

For contacts: Cristian Rigon 348 222 8569



The EUROVENEZIA Consortium was founded in Venice in 1999 with the aim of associating some local cooperatives so that they may collaborate with a strategic and competitive synergy on the market. The networking of different and already collaborating parties under a consortia framework guarantees a system of quality works and services aimed at different sectors, and a privileged position that allows for optimizing resources and the exchange of good practices, which are necessary to correctly position services on the market and to continuously search for quality.

Consortia cooperatives

The co-operatives associated with Eurovenezia have a history that is intertwined with that of the Comunità di Venezia cooperative, either because they were born from a spin-off of the main company, or to satisfy the needs and requirements the parent co-operative could not meet.

 Isola Online

Logo Isola The B-type social cooperative, I.So.La. Online was created to facilitate job finding for the socially-disadvantaged (long-term unemployed and/or with low educational and vocational qualifications). In a few years, the cooperative has grown due to its ability to manage resources optimally and the enthusiasm of its members. The brochure gives a short history and note on the customers for whom it has worked, gaining visibility and trust on the international market, such as theLisson Gallery in London and New York, for whom it has worked throughout the period of the 2013 edition of Venice’s international visual arts biennal expo. Download the Brochure: Presentazione Isola Novembre 2013



The “Novaurora” co-operative, which was set up to support situations of youth distress and fragile adolescents in a situation of psycho-social risk, has been actively collaborating with Villa Renata since its establishment. Novaurora proposes itself as promoter of gender culture to support the rights and opportunities of female identity and children’s rights through actions of prevention, therapy and rehabilitation for women in situations of distress, mothers in difficulty and minors. Novaurora actively collaborates in the design and implementation of integrative works that support and improve daily operations in therapy facilities and in the post-admission phase. Visit the page of the “mammeXmamme” project carried out in 2012-2013 thanks to the C’Entro anche’io tender of Coop Adriatica.


Comunità di Venezia adheres to some European and international  federations and networks. In most cases, these are non-governmental organisations dealing with problems related to drug use and abuse such as the European Federation of Therapeutic Communities: Euro-Treatment Centres (Euro-TC), the Vienna Commission of Non-Governmental Organisations: Vienna NGO Committee (VNGOC), or the European Research Institute for Prevention Studies (IREFREA).

The exchange of experiences and good practices at national and European levels among all those directly and indirectly involved in the networks and projects carried out by the networks, fosters the development, mutual enrichment and dissemination of increasingly-qualified skills among the various organisations, and helps to create attention to citizens’ needs for prevention and security, consensus on policies to combat drugs and social inclusion, and a common definition of guidelines on important and emerging issues. In the right-hand menu, you can see the networks in which the cooperative is actively involved.

Vienna NGO Committee


The Vienna Committee of Non-Governmental Drug Organisations (VNGOC) provides a vital link between NGOs, the United Nations Office against Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and the Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND). Initially created in 1983, the Committee’s objective is to support the work of the UNODC Office, provide information on NGO activities, and involve a broad civilian society sector in raising awareness about drug policies worldwide. VNGOC has a full history of facilitating events and relations between NGOs and the United Nations system. Focusing mainly on the added value of contributions from NGOs, the Committee welcomes a wide range of political representation. Find out more about the organisation’s website:


EuroTC Logo

Euro-TC (European – Treatment Centres) is one of two federations at European level that bring together therapy communities from different countries. Euro-TC, to which Comunità di Venezia/Villa Renata has been a member since the 1980s, coordinates between communities to improve the quality of the services offered. Villa Renata s.c.s., in the person of its president, chaired the Euro-TC Executive Board for over 10 years, from 1998 to 2009. Find out more about the federation’s website:



Irefrea tondo

IREFREA is a research institute founded in 1988 in Lyon (France) and is currently a European network with six permanent offices and several research partners in 13 European countries. It promotes professional partnerships between European experts in the fields of youth issues, drug prevention and drug demand reduction. Since its foundation, IREFREA has promoted intensive research activities, the organisation of seminars and conferences, the publication of information material, training workgroups, evaluation programmes and has participated in scientific debates. To find out more visit the European website:



The cooperative is affiliated with dozens of Italy’s universities and dozens of specialisation colleges in carrying out training and orientation internships. In particular, at the Comunità di Venezia it is possible to carry out the pre- or post-graduation internship for degree courses in Psychology, Educational Sciences, Social Service Sciences, etc.. It is also possible to carry out specialisation internships for many four-year specialization schools in Psychotherapy. Many high schools, associations and vocational training institutions are also involved in training courses at our facilities.