The training provided by Comunità di Venezia s.c.s. and the training methods used aim to provide learners with the skills through the support of teachers with expertise in training courses, with the aim of making the participants the protagonist. At the end of the training, the learners will have acquired a specific added value aimed at the growth/consolidation of a professional identity. To find out more, download the Triennial Training Plan of Comunità di Venezia, from the dedicated page (see link in the navigation menu on the right).


Every year, Comunità di Venezia adopts an overall training plan to meet the needs of its staff and external clients. The plan is based on the yearly survey of the staff’s training needs in November. It also takes account of other requirements. Overall, the annual training plan is defined according to the following three sources of information:

  1. An analysis of the training needs of the staff of the Comunità di Venezia based on the findings collected each year in November;
  2. Topics proposed by the Technical-Scientific Committee of the CME Provider (made up of the Board of Directors of the Comunità di Venezia and by external teachers such as Prof. Alessandra Simonelli and Prof. Antonio Alberto Semi;
  3. Proposals of the Management.

For 2017, the Annual Plan provided for a very rich and varied training offer, involving many teachers and speakers at national and European level.


The Comunità di Venezia has agreements with numerous high schools, universities and post-graduate specialisation schools for carrying out training and orientation internships and vocational traineeships. In the Universities and Research Institutes section, you can see the subjects with which the Comunità di Venezia is affiliated for this purpose.

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