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Comunità di Venezia is a training body accredited by the Veneto Region for Continuing Medical Education. In this context, the cooperative has applied for provisional accreditation as “CME Provider”, and is thus recognised by the Veneto Region as a Training Body that can assign training credits for Continuing Medical Education, with the aim of requesting standard accreditation.

As part of the CME training, the cooperative organises yearly internal training activities for operators and professionals working in the therapy communities it manages, on the one hand guaranteeing the CME accreditation and the acquisition of the necessary training credits for all professionals and, on the other, the possibility of training, supervision and professional updating with teachers acknowledged at a national and European level.

Some training activities are open to the public as seminaries. These attract participants from around the Venice province and the Veneto region and, in some cases, also from outside, as in the case of the public Seminar held on 12.12.2012 entitled “Recreational Drugs and Nightlife”, with a hundred taking part, including some from Piedmont, Trentino Alto Adige, and Friuli.

training plan

Here we outline the training plan of the Comunità di Venezia for the current year. Part of the training events is dedicated to the staff working in the therapy communities it manages, while another part is open to the public.

The document specifies the events open to the public and those reserved for the staff of Comunità di Venezia.

The events open to the public require a membership fee and participation that gives the right to acquire CME credits (for the professions of Doctor, all disciplines, Psychologist, all disciplines, Professional Educator, Nurses, Health Assistant, Psychiatric Rehabilitation Technician, Psychomotricity Technician etc.).

Comunità di Venezia s.c.s. is also affiliated with the Roll of Social Assistants of Veneto and accredits all events also for social workers. For more information, call the secretariat. Download: Annual Training Plan 2017 (in Italian) ==> Piano formazione annuale 2017



Comunità di Venezia proposes a theoretical seminar on the theme of Family and Prevention: the active involvement of parents, with dialogue with an expert in the field, the Portuguese psychologist Fernando Mendes, President of the Research Institute Irefrea of Portugal. The seminar was held in Portuguese with consecutive interpreting into Italian. The course materials are available in English. Download the course poster: Famiglia e Prevenzione Mendes ITA



ConstellationsComunità di Venezia offers an experiential seminar on family-system constellations: two days of full immersion, with dialogue with an expert in the field, Psychologist Horst Brömer, Berlin. The seminar was held in German with consecutive translation into Italian. The course materials are available in English. Download the course poster: Family Constellation ITA



img chiaveCME training seminar: “Living” social ties: caring as a practice of citizenship. The training investigates the theme of living (crucial working within residential structures), correlated to the notion of citizenship and involved with the themes of social bonding, belonging and negotiation. It seems increasingly necessary to work to help return to subjectivity structurally-weak patients that are “non-inhabitants”. Since living in a place, a house, or a town, does not in itself mean living in these places, especially when the margin of habitability that structures them has not been sufficiently investigated. For more about the event brochure: Abitare i legami sociali piegh

(for the image, we would like to thank Adolfina De Stefani, Chap. 10, Venezia, Cittadellarte)


Training AAP

AAP Training

In July 2015 (July 7-16,2015), in Venezia Mestre, Comunità di Venezia S.C.S. organised a Training and Certification Course for the Adult Attachment Projective Picture System (AAP), CME accredited.

The Adult Attachment Projective Picture System © (AAP) is designed for the evaluation of adult attachment by Dott.ssa Carol George (co-author of the Adult Attachment Interview, AAI) and Dr. Malcolm West (co-author of the Reciprocal Attachment Questionnaire, RAQ).

The training was held for the first time in Italian by Prof. Adriana Lis, senior Professor at the University of Padua and Dott.ssa Daniela Di Riso, researcher at the same University, the only official trainers of the GPA in the Italian language and directly trained by Carol George. It included front-on lessons, protocols to gain experience and those to gain loyalty. 

For further information, download the poster. AAP locandina    Scheda registrazione training AAP 2015


Start of online activities from 23 October

Classroom training: 6 November 2015

Social services have always had a dialogue with those who struggle to find work even during periods of highest employment. The culture of protecting rights (of citizenship, work) often comes up against situations of great personal, family and contextual vulnerability that do not allow an equal redistribution of economic resources through work.

The problems of poverty and exclusion are beginning to be regarded as less topical in defining the phenomenon of social disadvantage. Disadvantageous conditions have taken on wider and different values from those historically attributed. Along with the typical economic needs, which mark the disadvantage and fragility of individuals and families, there are new needs to adapt people to the changing demands and conditions of the labour market undergoing continuous transformation. Those without these capacities have different vulnerabilities and disadvantages.

Before employability, it is therefore necessary to take care of a fragile adult who could and should be accompanied by future self-determination.

Comunità di Venezia s.c.s., in collaboration with the National Association of Professional Educators (ANEP) organized a CME-accredited training seminar to investigate these topics and open a dialogue among sector experts and operators. It took place on 1 day of attendance of 7 hours and 7 hours of e.learning with tutors and teachers (Moodle, fadAnep platform), for a total of 14 hours of training. Download the Program: : Brochure 6 Nov 2015_provvisorio

Visit the ANEP website:

For information, call Sabrina Tripodi, +39 041 5242978


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