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Social Services Cooperative


Managing body of residential specialist services for the areas of dependences and mental health

Training body Accredited by the Veneto Region and CME training providerdi formazione ECM

The Cooperative

Comunità di Venezia s.c.s. is a social-services cooperative that operates in the Venice area helping people recover from addictions through both therapy facilities dedicated to assistance, rehabilitation and social reintegration of drug or alcohol addicts, and through research and training activities.


The social services Cooperative was founded on the Island of Lido in 1988 under the name of Villa Renata with the remit of managing the therapy community of Lido “Villa Renata”…


Comunità di Venezia is a body accredited with the Veneto Region and ULSS 3 Serenissima (local health authority) to run specialized residential services for the rehabilitation of people with dependencies…


On this page, you will find some materials and documents of the “Comunità di Venezia s.c.s.” and some materials of the Communities…


In the course of its work, Comunità di Venezia s.c.s., a body that manages therapy communities and accredited by the Regional administration to carry out training in the field…


Qui potete vedere le ultime novità della Comunità di Venezia


Since 2005, Comunità di Venezia, an accredited body for continuous training with the Veneto Region, has been providing training for professionals and operators of the local social and health services, who are called upon to constantly update their professional skill-set.

Continuous training

The training provided by Comunità di Venezia s.c.s. and the training methods used, aim to provide learners with the necessary skills through the support from experienced teachers who actively involve the participants. At the end of the training, the learners have acquired a specific added value aimed at the growing/consolidating their professionalism.

CME training

Comunità di Venezia is a training body accredited by the Veneto Region for Continuing Medical Education, within which context the cooperative has applied for provisional accreditation as an “CME Provider” and therefore recognised by the Veneto Region as a training body that can assign training credits for ongoing medical-related education, with the aim of applying for standard accreditation.

Projects and Collaborations

Training, understood in a broad sense, occurs not only in institutional learning contexts, but whenever a project is implemented – in collaboration with other bodies and organizations – that allows those concerned to know other realities, learn from existing good practices, and to develop professionally through shared experiences.


In its 30-year history, Comunità di Venezia S.C.S. has created close partnership and collaboration ties with many partners that can be divided into at least four categories: public and private institutions, universities and research institutes, federations and networks at a European or international level, cultural and voluntary associations, consortia and cooperatives.